Pagbabago Nang Rules And Regulation

Grace Rosendal Nakamura
Immigration Law Change

Is scheduled to start in July 2012

No more Alien Registration Card
… Residence card will be issued
Centralization of latest information about each person at the Immigration Bureau for proper control.
Prohibit “Illegal marriage”
Immigration Law Change: Revisions
Extension of the maximum period of stay
– 3 to 5 years
– For the status of residence of “College Student,” the maximum period of stay will be extended to “4 years and 3 months” from the current “2 years and 3 months”
Revision of the Re-entry Permission System
– No re-entry permit in cases where a foreign national re-enters Japan within one year from his/her departure.
– Exceptional cases which require a re-entry permit will be stipulated by a Ministry of Justice ordinance.
– In cases of possessing a re-entry permit, the maximum term of validity for the re-entry permit shall be extended from 3 years to 5 years.
Residence Card (Zairyu Card)
Who will Hold the Residence Card
– apply at 16th birthday
People already holding alien registration card
– upon next extension or change of status
Newcomers who will stay more than 3 months
– upon entry at the airport.
People without proper documentation
– residence card will not be issued
Changes to be Reported by
Individual Foreign Resident
Within 2 weeks
Termination, resignation from work
Change of work place and address
Marriage, separation, divorce
Changes to be Reported by
   Employer, School, Institutions 、Individual
Obligations and Penalties
Not carrying or refusing to show residence card to immigration officer or police
Use of false address
Use of false employer
Late for renewal of residence card after the expiration date
less than 1 year imprisonment or
less than 200,000 yen penalty
Cancellation of Visa Status
If spouse of Japanese national does not live with the spouse for more than 6 months
If a foreigner does not report the address change for more than 90 days after transferring residence
If a foreigner registers a false address
Need to Work in Solidarity
to let public know the consequence
Law makers do not know the consequences
People who will be affected will have to tell the negative impact of the law change.
The law will affect all foreigners as well as Japanese
Call for Action and Solidarity
Local NGOs and POs collect stories of consequences of the law change.
The NGO national headquarter in Tokyo will have meetings with the Ministry of Justice to discuss about the negative consequences of the law change.
Local NGOs and POs will negotiate with local government for the negative consequences of the law change.

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