Shingaku Guidance on August 11th

We are going to have the seminar for applicants of admission to high school in Japan.


Date  : August 11, 2011

Time : 1pm~3pm

Place : Nanbu Kominkan

Eligible applicant : 2nd & 3rd year student in junior high school.

Participation cost : Free

Contents :

1. The kinds of high school in Japan and its school life.

2. The expenses of going to high school & scholarships

3. Advices about study in junior high school for going to high school.

4. Entrance examinations of high school. (The kinds & contents)

5. Differences of the school system between Philippines and Japan.

6. Student’s experiences of KOUKOU JUKEN by high school students.


If you are interested in this seminar, please contact us.

080-4308-8380(Tagalog) or 090-9175-8380(Japanese)

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